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Queen of England Honors Anne Simpson – the background

I received a letter from James Hamilton, M.D. in March 1984 that was addressed to me and Anne Simpson of Edinburgh Scotland. This is what the father of our postpartum movement wrote to us: “I am writing to both of you because both of you are doing the same thing: heading up local self-help groups […]

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Reducing Mental Health Stigma in our Faith Communities

I’m a proud member of my Congregation’s Mental Health Initiative, whose mission is “to reduce the stigma of mental illness by supporting congregants and their families through education and promoting emotional and spiritual wellness.” The Department of Health Care Sciences at George Washington University School of Medicine in America have done some research into the […]

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An Institute, at Last

The idea for hosting a Postpartum Institute has been floating in my brain for decades. Why not bring individuals together in my home town of Santa Barbara, California to brainstorm, discuss, debate, and take action to support new parents? I am thinking of starting some renovations since Atlas ceramics in hampshire have 30% off webeer […]

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Young again at 70

On October 1st I celebrated my 70th birthday. It sounds old, but I don’t feel that old. Instead, I am returning to activities I enjoyed in my youth. I also plan to get home health care from WRHA’s SFMC program to stay healthy and use health supplements since I read online where to buy Kratom […]

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Celebrating Fatherhood

This Fathers Day marks 45 years since my own father passed away.  To honor his memory I want to acknowledge the changing role that has evolved for men as fathers in our culture.  Our relationship was traditional for the times.  He was the family breadwinner as a business owner with one day off each week. […]

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How I Turned My Pain into Purpose

I hate secrets and the pain that comes with them.  I share mine, and much more, in My Diary. It was originally published in 2000 as part of Step by Step.  Fifteen years later it feels timely to update My Diary with a prologue, a photo album, and an epilogue.  The book also celebrates fifty years […]

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My friend in Mexico City, Dr. Asuncion Lara

Dr. Asuncion Lara and I cannot remember exactly how we met, but when we did we felt an immediate bond. It was more than being work colleagues, sharing the same passion about postpartum depression.  Her genuine smile and natural warmth made me want to be her friend. After she presented at the 2004 Postpartum Support […]

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Biological Benefits of Companionship

As a followup to my blog post last month on the importance of companionship, I was reminded of Gale Berkowitz’s article “1998 study on Friendship Among Women.” The study conducted by Dr. Laura Cousino Klein and fellow researcher Dr. Shelley Taylor, found that women have another response to stress in addition to fight or flight. […]

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The Importance of Companionship

You are not alone.  I have repeated this phrase thousands of times in person, by telephone and written it in countless letters and emails. It is the first sentence in a Universal Message I promote to support those experiencing postpartum depression.  It means that while someone may feel alone and helpless, there are others standing […]

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Gift Yourself Some Relaxation this Holiday Season

We know that December can be an especially stressful month for families.  In the rush to prepare and perfect holiday joy for others, parents can neglect their own needs.   Remember that the greatest gift is being well.  Pause a moment,  take a deep breath, relax your arms, close your eyes and smile.  REPEAT.  Your mind […]

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