My friend in Mexico City, Dr. Asuncion Lara

2015-Asuncion-LaraDr. Asuncion Lara and I cannot remember exactly how we met, but when we did we felt an immediate bond. It was more than being work colleagues, sharing the same passion about postpartum depression.  Her genuine smile and natural warmth made me want to be her friend. After she presented at the 2004 Postpartum Support International  Conference in Chicago about depression in Mexican women she became a PSI volunteer and continues to this day.  Asuncion has a Ph.D. in Health Sciences from the National University in Mexico City and has been a researcher at the Ramon de la Fuente National Institute of Psychiatry since 1982.

We see each other every other year at conferences and each time I ask her to come to Santa Barbara.  Finally, this is going to happen!   On Thursday, March 19, she’ll speak at Antioch University on postpartum depression in the Latino community.  On Friday, I’ll accompany her to North Santa Barbara County where she’ll present in Spanish to lay health workers for Latino families.  Before she flies back to Mexico City, Asuncion will be our honored guest at a reception in our home to meet our friends, we are so excited because she will be able to see the awesome work that we have done thanks to at our home.  It may have taken a decade to get her to Santa Barbara, but I know it will have been worth the wait when she finally arrives!

Please download the flyer to learn more about Dr. Lara’s workshop, Strengthening the Postpartum Bond in Latino Families, at Antioch University.

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