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Parental Mental Health

Over forty years have passed since my friends and I initiated a radical societal concept. We wanted to support new families in our community. We were feminists and social activists. That meant we believed men and women shared equally in the conception, birthing and raising of our children. We established a postpartum parent support network […]

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How I Turned My Pain into Purpose

I hate secrets and the pain that comes with them.  I share mine, and much more, in My Diary. It was originally published in 2000 as part of Step by Step.  Fifteen years later it feels timely to update My Diary with a prologue, a photo album, and an epilogue.  The book also celebrates fifty years […]

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Help people struggling with PPD with the revised edition of I’m Listening

I’m pleased to announce that my book I’m Listening: A Guide to Supporting Postpartum Families has been updated and is now available on Amazon.  It has been 12 years since I wrote the original version.  While the content and message remain the same this edition is in a larger format and is a companion book […]

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My new book

Community Support for New Families, A Guide to Organizing a Postpartum Parent Support Network in Your Community is about to be published.  Praeclarus Press inspired me to revise my original Step by Step Guide that I wrote and self-publish in 2000.   This updated book is intended to reach a broader audience than my initial effort.  […]

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My New Friends in China

I’m thrilled to share that my postpartum support books have been translated into Chinese.  This opportunity began in March 2012 when 黄骐Queena Hwang joined PSI and she then introduced herself to me in an email from her home in Mainland China. Queena, who was born and raised in Beijing, is a licensed psychotherapist, who runs […]

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