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Jane shares her personal story in My Diary:
A Postpartum Journey from Pain to Purpose

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I’m Listening

I’m a mom and grandmother who understands how you may be feeling. I want to offer you support because no one was there for me when I went through this, and I want you to have a better experience.

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I’m Listening  teaches concerned, caring individuals how to help people struggling with postpartum depression (PPD) over the phone.

Community Support for New Families is your guide to organizing a postpartum parent support network in your community.

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Jane decided to dedicate this website to her mentor James Alexander Hamilton, MD, PhD (1907-1997) “My life was inextricably altered by knowing James Hamilton. I learned from the best and I owe him the honor of passing this along to the next generations who will continue his life’s work.” Dr. Hamilton was a founder of both Marcé Society and Postpartum Support International.