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Parental Mental Health: Factoring in Fathers shifts the focus of the maternal mental health movement to a parental mental health approach that includes the mental well-being of all parents, no matter what the gender.

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Revised Edition of I’m Listening

This edition of I’m Listening brings men into the equation and focuses on the mental wellness of all parents. It is my hope that we will switch our language to be more inclusive and I prefer the term parental mental health.

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Meet Jane

Attend a Postpartum Action Institute Workshop in Santa Barbara and meet Jane. PAI is created for individuals who are committed to confronting the stigma of mental illness and the mythology surrounding new parenthood.

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Comfort, Encouragement, Guidance and Support

Embrace the Gaps in Your Past and Present

My intention is to listen to your stories and validate your experiences and feelings. My primary goal is to acknowledge and encourage you to find those who share how you feel and to support your dream to connect meaningfully with others. I am excited to share my four decades of life experience, research and insights that will guide you to make a confident impact in your life and your community. I will provide affirmation, guidance and support, along with practical and proven strategies to navigate you through your life challenges. Everyone needs reassurance and clarity to create a vision for their life and to feel connected and fulfilled. I am here to help you define that vision in a way that is consistent with who you truly are. Together we’ll develop strategies to enable you to achieve your own unique objectives and achieve a lasting sense of affirmation. We will commit to moving forward with courage and patience as you face the challenges that create ‘the Gap’ in your life.

Embrace the New Parent Gap Challenges

Many years ago, I was pregnant, single and alone. I gave birth in a foreign country, and never saw my baby. I had no emotional support. Several years later, I was happily married, and we got pregnant. I gave birth with a supportive husband but away from extended family and friends. We had no emotional support. These contrasting, yet similar, experiences motivate me to offer comfort, encouragement and guidance to new families. There are, however, major gaps in helping new families in our communities. Read more

Embrace the Gap in Support for New Fathers

I have been hearing the voices of new fathers since I became a mother myself, however, I wasn’t always listening. The first postpartum male voice I heard was that of my husband. Breastfeeding was not going well. He expressed exasperation, desperation and fear by saying, “you’re starving our baby”. I received lactation help but there was no emotional support for him. Read more

Challenge the New Family Gaps in Your Community

I initiated a radical social concept in the 1970s with my friends to support new families in our community. We were feminists and activists. We believed men and women shared equally in the conception, birthing and raising of our children. Read more

Five Ways to Seek Comfort and Guidance from Your Family History

Childhood curiosity got me interested in exploring family history. I was intrigued that my father’s family has been in America since the late 1690s. Read more

The Conception and Birth of PEP

“I have a woman on the line whose baby won’t stop crying, shall I put her through” the answering service operated asked. “Yes, please go ahead,” I replied as I prepared myself for my first PEP Warm Line call. Read more