Revised Edition of I’m Listening

This edition of I’m Listening brings men into the equation and focuses on the mental wellness of all parents. It is my hope that we will switch our language to be more inclusive and I prefer the term parental mental health.

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Meet Jane

Attend a Postpartum Action Institute Workshop in Santa Barbara and meet Jane. PAI is created for individuals who are committed to confronting the stigma of mental illness and the mythology surrounding new parenthood.

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New Family Support

I’m a mom and grandmother who understands how you may be feeling. I want to offer you support because no one was there for me when I went through this, and I want you to have a better experience.

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Jane decided to dedicate this website to her mentor James Alexander Hamilton, MD, PhD (1907-1997) “My life was inextricably altered by knowing James Hamilton. I learned from the best and I owe him the honor of passing this along to the next generations who will continue his life’s work.” Dr. Hamilton was a founder of both Marcé Society and Postpartum Support International.