Networking with PSI friends in Florida

A trip to meet relatives in Florida became a perfect PSI networking opportunity. Instead of a my monthly one hour PSI call-in to Chat with the Founder on December 10, I met with three mothers for four hours. Jennifer Silliman made it happen. She is the PSI Southeast Regional Coordinator, Florida Co-Coordinator, Palm Beach Area, the founder of the South Florida Postpartum Depression Network, the organizer and facilitator of momsTOmoms Support Group ( My first contact with Jennifer was on February 13 on the PSI Chat with the Founder conference call. She articulated during the conversation how she wanted to “start something” in her area. In a very short time Jennifer has accomplished a tremendous amount and is a shining example of how passion for change can lead to action. Shelly Orlowsky is a clinical psychologist who lives in Miami Beach. I first met Shelly in June at the PSI Training and Social Networking gathering in Las Vegas. In October we met again at the Marce Society Congress in Paris and here we were together for a third time. She has decided that her clinical practice should focus on maternal mental health. Shelly’s determination to be well trained in the field is very impressive. The third mother was Jennifer’s new acquaintance named Maureen who was eager to learn more about PSI. Our conversation started by sharing pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences, asking questions, and brainstorming. I listened as each woman revealed her feelings that were still fresh. My own experiences happened so long ago yet each time I hear another mother’s story I remember, reflect and ponder. Could it have been better? Where was my support system? There is never enough time to talk. I had to say goodbye and head home to California but I did so with confidence. I know that the communities in South Florida are very fortunate to have Jennifer, Shelly and Maureen involved with the emotional side of parenthood.

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