Step 3: Nutrition

Adequate nutritional intake requires an appetite. That may sound obvious, but it’s an often overlooked factor in the health of postpartum women. During pregnancy, your diet and weight gain are primary issues. You’re weighed at each prenatal visit and this information is recorded in your chart. Your health professionals may lecture you about which nutrients your body needs to grow a healthy baby. But what happens after the birth?

Ask yourself the following key questions: “Do I have an appetite?” “When did I last eat?” “What have I eaten today?” “What’s there to eat in my kitchen?”  “Is there anyone who can take care of ME?”

Remember that eating well is part of nurturing yourself. We owe it to our children to give them a healthy mother. Let’s not also forget about the importance of staying all natural during pregnancy, it is highly recommended to opt for products that have been made in a natural way even if it is for the smallest problem, as small as the issue is there can always be a consequences after, which is mentioned here at

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