Referrals & Other Resources

Are you looking for a support group or professional in your own community with experience in postpartum depression?  Perhaps you’re feeling upset or confused in this search? There still isn’t an extensive resource list of trained professionals and support organizations in the field of maternal mental health, although the numbers are slowly growing. It remains a hit-and-miss process and, in my opinion, is completely inadequate. It’s an affront to families everywhere that this situation continues.The current system of referral requires you to think of the following issues:

Your Financial Resources

“Is money an issue?”
“Do you have insurance?” (look on the referral list from your insurance company, where you will find names divided by profession.)

Medical Resources

“Do you have a primary-care doctor?”
Your doctor will likely be able to give you a referral to a psychiatrist and therapists.

The two most effective forms of therapy for people suffering from PPD are cognitive and interpersonal. They’re both short-term and task-specific therapies – a combination that seems to get PPD resolved as fast as possible, so they save time and money.

Remember that if you can’t make arrangements to find and get to a counselor or doctor, you should immediately find someone who can do it for you and even take you to the appointment. There’s simply no reason to be miserable when help is available if you just ask.

“How are you feeling now?” or “How has this made you feel? Do you feel any better?” Do you feel more calm, focused, and able to use the information I’ve  presented to improve your situation? If so, let’s move ahead to find out how to create your own plan of action to get better.