Universal Message

My Universal Message sets YOU on the road to regaining control and becoming well and happy again.

Write down three simple sentences.

  1. I’m not alone.
  2. I’m not to blame for what I’m feeling.
  3. I will be well and feel like myself again—this is treatable.

I believe that if a mother isn’t well, her family can’t thrive. Unfortunately, our modern view of motherhood has become myopic. We tend to focus on the growth and development of the baby, and forget to look into the eyes and heart of the woman who is responsible for that growing child! Our society is now suffering the inevitable consequences of having such narrow vision: the breakdown of the family, divorce, increase violence, drug and alcohol problems and a number of other crises, that’s why it’s useful to know about florida region addiction services where people can address their addiction problem which leads to many other problems on a family.