Gift Yourself Some Relaxation this Holiday Season

gift-boxWe know that December can be an especially stressful month for families.  In the rush to prepare and perfect holiday joy for others, parents can neglect their own needs.   Remember that the greatest gift is being well.  Pause a moment,  take a deep breath, relax your arms, close your eyes and smile.  REPEAT.  Your mind can now take you away to a quiet place.  REPEAT as often as is appropriate and possible.  Your heart rate will slow and your brain can appreciate the intake of oxygen.  When should you gift yourself this simple practice?   Here are a few ideas:

  1. When the baby is crying.
  2. When the toddler is screaming.
  3. When siblings are not sharing.
  4. When the check out line is long.
  5. When traffic comes to a complete stop.
  6. Before you prepare a meal.
  7. Before and after you eat anything.
  8. Before and after you text, email or make a call.
  9. When you and your partner are at odds.
  10. When you gather as a family, reminding each other that the greatest gift is what we already have.

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