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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERACommunity Support for New Families, A Guide to Organizing a Postpartum Parent Support Network in Your Community is about to be published.  Praeclarus Press inspired me to revise my original Step by Step Guide that I wrote and self-publish in 2000.   This updated book is intended to reach a broader audience than my initial effort.  I have publisher Kathleen Kendall-Tackett to thank for expanding my horizon.   The format remains the same.  It is a workbook that will take you through the process of developing what to do and how to meet the needs of new families, but it will also help you re organized yours.  My philosophy is that it takes community team work and cooperation to accomplish this task.  It is not a complex effort but it is methodical.   Harvey Karp, MD reviewed the book and called it “…this crisp, clear handbook”.  Verta Taylor, Ph.D.  commented,  “…a must-read for physicians, therapists and activists…”.  Valerie Wilson, wife, mother of twins, and former covert CIA ops officer said, “…a pragmatic approach to a fundamental human need to reach out and help others.  I know from my own experience in establishing a successful postpartum support network that it requires a methodical, precise process to ensure effectiveness and longevity.”  The launch is set for June 21 and 22 at the Postpartum Support International Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is only fitting that I be surrounded by those who are continuing my vision that there should be a postpartum parent support network in every community in the world.  I hope to meet many new pioneers on my life’s journey to achieve this grand goal.

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