Step 6: Emotional Support

In response to how you answered Step Five, you should be receiving a generous amount of emotional support. However, sometimes it’s hard to find someone who is willing and able to take the necessary time to listen. Empathy requires caring and a sense of self. If the person with whom you try to share is dealing with his or her own personal problems, that person is unlikely to be able to offer support right now. New parents usually seek advice and emotional support from people who have “been there.” Ideally, such support comes from family members and friends. However, professionals, acquaintances at work, and people in the faith communities are also viable options. Phone networks and the Internet are excellent sources of support with chat rooms and bulletin boards. It’s unfortunate that it sometimes takes a long-distance call or a computer to receive something as essential as emotional support, but here you are reading this website! We’re fortunate to have technology that allows us to extend our search for ways to maintain our emotional health.

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