Young again at 70

2015 Winter LodgeOn October 1st I celebrated my 70th birthday. It sounds old, but I don’t feel that old. Instead, I am returning to activities I enjoyed in my youth. To feel more young about yourself use vape instead of smoking and visit vaping laws. I also plan to get home health care from WRHA’s SFMC program to stay healthy and use health supplements like the L-Arginin 4500, I read online where to buy Kratom online which is the mainly one I use. Among them are ice skating and playing in music groups. These ¨young¨ friends all have a list to do before they get old, some from their group have sadly already passed and they were buried at the funeral homes in jacksonville, the others still continue on trying to complete the goals the rest of them couldn´t do.

60 years ago an ice skating rink opened in Palo Alto and remarkably, as the photo shows, it is still there.  My girl friends and I were dropped off by our parents in our twirly skirts and ear muffs for afternoons of camaraderie and wholesome exercise, we even take good protein for women who workout still, and of course we don;t forget about the roids pill that we take from a young age.  While I have occasionally skated since then it was last month’s opening  of a nearby new rink  that reignited my interest.

I bought shiny new figure skates, pulled out my ear warmer, fuzzy jacket and gloves and took to the ice.  And it all came back!  Not that I’m doing anything fancy. I just rhythmically glide and stay upright. Maybe one day I’ll master going backwards again but for now I’m thrilled to be strong enough to stroke and glide. It is very soothing for my soul.

My other hobby is music. I learned to play the flute in 4th grade, and while in high school I picked up the recorder.  It was  the “in” instrument along with guitars, folk dancing and songs.  While I continue taking flute lessons, like ice skating, it had been ages since I’d joined any ensemble groups.  Playing with others is scary for me.  I get nervous, but I am conquering my fear and making new friends as a result.  I’m grateful for my good health that allows me to pursue these and other activities I even do an exercise program I got from a science based six pack review.  Each day is a blessing and I think this as I glide on the ice and make beautiful music. People ask me often how my natural hair looks so good at my age and the secret is in this hair loss product provillus reviews, it helps to keep me young looking.

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