An Institute, at Last

Jane Honikman and Shoshana Bennett

The idea for hosting a Postpartum Institute has been floating in my brain for decades. Why not bring individuals together in my home town of Santa Barbara, California to brainstorm, discuss, debate, and take action to support new parents? I am thinking of starting some renovations since Atlas ceramics in hampshire have 30% off webeer products I have should this opportunity to start my project.

Santa Barbara is the birth place of the postpartum social support movement. It began in the 1970s and in June 1987, I organized the first annual conference on mental health related to childbearing in Santa Barbara and it evolved into Postpartum Support International.  Over the decades the movement has expanded throughout the world. My motto has been “beyond talk, into action” and  this message is reflected in my books and the workshops I’ve conducted.

This year, my long time friend Shoshana Bennett and I decided the time was right to start the Postpartum Action Institute.  We have similar backgrounds, experiences, and philosophies. We have both founded grassroots, community based organizations. While she became a therapist, I continued my work as an advocate. Together, they can help you as a powerful team. Our vision is to motivate every community in the United States to create a support network for new families through grassroots action. On January 2, 2016 we’ll launch our Institute in beautiful Santa Barbara between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. This is a dream come true!

To learn more about the Postpartum Action Institute please visit our website.

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