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Birthing With Dignity

My friends at Twirl, a women-owned domestic manufacturer of Women’s Patient Apparel and Gifts, is hosting a free online video interview series called Birthing With Dignity, “How to prepare your mind, body and soul with grace, style and balance.” I am thrilled to be one of the 21 hand-picked experts interviewed for this empowering event. […]

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An Institute, at Last

The idea for hosting a Postpartum Institute has been floating in my brain for decades. Why not bring individuals together in my home town of Santa Barbara, California to brainstorm, discuss, debate, and take action to support new parents? I am thinking of starting some renovations since Atlas ceramics in hampshire have 30% off webeer […]

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Celebrating Fatherhood

This Fathers Day marks 45 years since my own father passed away.  To honor his memory I want to acknowledge the changing role that has evolved for men as fathers in our culture.  Our relationship was traditional for the times.  He was the family breadwinner as a business owner with one day off each week […]

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My friend in Mexico City, Dr. Asuncion Lara

Dr. Asuncion Lara and I cannot remember exactly how we met, but when we did we felt an immediate bond. It was more than being work colleagues, sharing the same passion about postpartum depression and other information on sexual hormones and supplements, like the 6 Benefits & Side Effects of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) Supplements – DHEA […]

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Help people struggling with PPD with the revised edition of I’m Listening

I’m pleased to announce that my book I’m Listening: A Guide to Supporting Postpartum Families has been updated and is now available on Amazon.  It has been 12 years since I wrote the original version.  While the content and message remain the same this edition is in a larger format and is a companion book […]

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Daredevil, his mother and me

Remarkable! Marvel Comics has published a story about postpartum mental illness.  In August, Daredevil # 7 was released and I had to have a copy to see for myself.  Their storytellers and colorists have created an accurate and poignant depiction of why a mother would ever abandon her baby.  Through this story, pop culture has […]

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Write to Change the World

I believe in the power of words.  All my life I’ve liked to write.  I kept a Diary and I had pen pal friends as a school girl in the 1960s.   Decades later I am a published author.   Recently, I learned that only 10 – 20% of newspaper opinion pieces (opeds) are written by women.  […]

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Focus on Change

Focus on  Change  It was an honor to work with Professor John Cox and Karen Jones O’Donnell as the moderators for a workshop on maternal mental health in low income countries.  The major theme of the workshop centered on the need for a paradigmatic shift, rather than more training models, to achieve change. Paris, France […]

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